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Hearing Aids & Hearing Aid Accessories in New Haven, Indiana 

& Bryan, Ohio

Trust Hear Ear Hearing Aids in New Haven, Indiana, to help you choose from the multitude of hearing aids and accessories so you get the right device for your needs.

HD high definition hearing aids are now available!

High definition hearing aids have twice the signal processing resolution as most products found on the market. With the latest alogorihms, you will get the best speech understanding and the highest possible comfort.


• Open Fit
• Ric
• Behind the Ear
• In the Ear
• Mini Canals
• CIC for Canals
• Bluetooth

Available Brands

While our facility specializes in the sales and services for Rexton™, Audina™, Audifon™ & Interton™ hearing aids, we also have many other brands available.

Man Golfing, Hearing Aids in New Haven, IN

Affordable Accessories

In addition to inexpensive hearing aid devices, we carry a wide selection of hearing aid accessories. From batteries to remote controls, our facility has it all so can keep your device in proper working condition:

• Dri-Aids to Remove Nighttime Moisture
• Ear Mold Cleaners
• Oto-Ease to Put the Device in Easily

• All Sized Batteries Starting at $4 per Package
• Remote Controls

Contact us in New Haven, Indiana, or Bryan, Ohio for expert hearing aid services when you are searching for a new device.

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