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Enriching Lives Through Better Hearing

Fort Wayne, IN

Fort Wayne, IN, Audiology Services for Local People

If you live or work in or around Fort Worth and need anything from a FREE hearing test through to help and advice to keep your hearing aid in top condition, we can help. We are an established audiology practice that specializes in providing an accessible service, enabling as many people as possible to benefit from high-quality audiology services. From out-of-hours appointments through to home visits, we try to ensure that if you need assistance with your hearing, we're able to give it to you.

When It Comes to Hearing Testing, Why Not Let Us Come to You?

We know that for many people, diminished hearing is just one of the physical problems they face. If you, or someone you care about, has limited mobility or finds making a trip too stressful, why not let us come out and visit? Our staff can come out at a convenient time and complete a hearing test, as well as perform any other assessments that are required. Based on the results of the test, they will be able to offer advice and recommendations on the best type of hearing aid for the patient's particular hearing difficulties.

Hearing Aids Available Here

Our practice stocks a wide range of hearing aids, including open fit, RIC, mini canals, CIC for canals and Bluetooth. Each device we offer has been chosen with care from a reputable manufacturer who we've found to provide dependable, high-performing goods. Our inventory includes hi-tech hearing solutions as well as more traditional models, which can be used as a replacement item for long-time hearing aid users who want to stick with what they know.

Hearing Aid Repairs in Fort Wayne, IN

Regular maintenance, cleaning and servicing can significantly enhance the life of your hearing aid, as well as enable it to work more effectively. We are able to complete scheduled servicing on a wide range of hearing aid makes and models, as well as repair defective hearing aids if required. If you're local to Fort Wayne and want to benefit from our FREE hearing test offer, or need anything else, please call us at (260) 493-7742. 
No-Charge Hearing Tests
Home Service Available
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